Overview of Requirements

We have a continuous need for the following raw materials and services in ACPS Automotive production:

Mechanical processing


Forged parts

in aluminum and steel

Cast parts

in non-ferrous alloys
and cast steel, investment castings

Diecast parts

in aluminum

Extruded profiles

in aluminum in standard and specified lengths,
unprocessed, mechanically processed, and bent

Stampings and bent parts

Plate thicknesses of 1 to 10 mm
Plate blanks

Laser-cut and flame-cut parts

Plate thicknesses up to 20 mm

Strips, plates, profiles, and tubes

in stainless, steel, non-ferrous metals, and plastics

Injection-molded plastics

Extruded, blow-molded, and vulcanized parts


Powder coating
Laser etching
Wet painting
Galvanized surfaces on steel, plastics, and aluminum


Vinyl and textiles

Electronic equipment and
wiring harnesses

Packaging and packaging accessories

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