Development of new products has a high priority at ACPS Automotive.

We start with innovative concepts. Then we oversee their evolution to market maturity. At ACPS Automotive we remain consistently committed to satisfying the demands of automotive manufacturers with an extensive array of OEM products, all accompanied by our quality assurance, customer service and sales support.

We work together with our partners in the automotive industry to stay on the cutting edge of end-user expectations.

We employ the expertise from these activities to develop and produce innovative, competitive products combining high levels of user-friendliness with original-equipment quality.

In-house developments have a high priority and the fruits of these efforts are offered to the automotive industry as new and pioneering products.

ACPS Automotive has earned patents and utility patterns for many of its novel products.

At the same time, ACPS Automotive enters into development contracts aimed at satisfying specific customer requirements.

The benefits of working with a medium-sized corporation come in the form of flexibility, efficiency, and short decision-making paths. These benefits start in the design phase and continue through to series production, including creation of prototypes and samples.

Engineers at ACPS Automotive are supported by current CAD systems as well as by the efficient Finite Element Method (FEM).

Project management

Project management entails monitoring operations planning in a process that starts with the definition and design phase and continues up to the customer’s approval of the initial samples.

Throughout this time, all project-relevant schedules, costs, and quality characteristics are monitored with a program of continuous benchmarking.