As a globally active corporation, the BOSAL Group has a continuous need for competent, qualified, and reliable vendors in a variety of markets and industries.

When evaluating and selecting vendors, quality, efficiency, reliability, service, and the ability to deliver according to the expectations of the automotive industry are our highest priorities.

The BOSAL Group is globally active, serving the world's most respected automobile manufacturers as a supplier and developer of accessory systems such as trailer couplings, rooftop and rear-mounted carrier systems, and off-road parts.

Owing to our international activities and market presence, our procurement market extends far beyond the borders of Europe.

The BOSAL Group's procurement organization keeps pace with market requirements and follows the strategy of bundling the needs and preferences of its customers in order to gain the greatest possible efficiency and coordination in the marketplace.

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Overview of Requirements

We have compiled an overview of raw materials and services that are most important for us.

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Here you find our Quality Assurance Agreement.

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